Here you read more about the dolls I make. You can read who they are and what you can do if you want to adopt one.

Poppedijntjes are not ordinary dolls. Poppedijntjes were before they came up an idea, a thought. Volatile and teer, transparent, almost ungripsible. Like the wind. Only when you feel very conscious can you catch something from them. Like you're almost touching a thought, or a word you lost with your mind and losing it again. That's how poppedijntjes are before they're made. A fleeting wish. First they come into my mind, sometimes I dream about them. When I've dreamed enough, thinking and I'm going to decide what they want to look like. When the time is right I start making. Then they become very slow and very precise with all the care needed to capture so much love and beauty more and more really.

Poppedijntjes are not just dolls, It's thoughts, dreams and wishes trapped in dust.