The doll maker

My name is Adine and I’ve actually been making dolls, bears and all kinds of fantasy dolls since I can remember. My dream was that these dolls would come to life if I had finished making it. I’d have a friend. A friend who would always be with me, so I would never be alone.

A doll symbolizes the transition between sleeping and watching. Being between children and growing up. A doll is a creature born of fantasy and will never age. A doll always stays the same and will play in all the stories you give her.

When we sleep our mind is in a place we can’t visit when we’re awake. Only the moment we have our eyes closed and we can hold patches of our dream we are on the threshold between the dream world and the ‘real world’. My dolls have emerged there and will stay there their whole lives.

The image of is drawn by myself and presents the image of my children. Just waking up through the house with their sleeping bag still on, pink sleeping cheeks, confused hairs, their eyes still focused on things from their dreams.

This image suits my dolls and I hope that my dolls carry this intention with them and give it to the people who buy my dolls.