How to take care of your doll

Amber and baby playing in the leaves

If your Poppedijntje has become dirty, you can clean her with a wet cloth and a neutral soap (preferably natural soap like e.g., olive soap).

Dep the dirty spot gently with the wet cloth (do not rub).

The hairs can gently wash you with soap and soap. Be economical with water on the head itself.

The hair can brush you gently when it is dry. Please note that the dolls with attached hair (such as the dolls with pigtails) cannot be brushed. Let this hair just dry and braid again.

The clothes can be washed in a hand wash with wool detergent (preferably natural such as: ecover, Sonnet etc) Do not wring the clothes out but roll them up in a towel and squeeze them gently. Drain the clothes flat after washing.

You never wash Poppedijntje in the washing machine!